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Does not sit flat on grill. I have had to re tape the emblem 2 times. Only had it on for 20 days.

It couldn’t look 👀 Better just love the look it gives my vehicle, 👌🏾

LED Car Emblem Auto Badge Light For GMC Sierra 1500 2019-2021

Amazing emblem

Well received and I’m happy to have it on my car.

GMC Car Emblem

It might have been a higher mark, but I have not had the time to install it.

Good product

Love the product but very slow shipping

Great bowtie emblem!

I took a chance on the rgbemblem light up bowtie, because Chevy wanted $350 for a factory one! This one looks great! I did add some silicone adhesive just to be on the safe side.

Requires some technical skills to install, not recommended for self-installation.

Not as I imagined

It’s just a board, it only looks good when the lights are on.

So cool, eye-catching at night, my friends think it’s awesome.


Vibrant colors, I love it!

No perfection in my opinion

The light of the car badge is uneven.

It's bad

They were so slow in shipping and I didn’t receive it until after Christmas!

The lighting is not very even

I am not very satisfied with its lighting, but it’s still okay.

Incomplete. Only GM products

Why only GMC BUICK
What happened to Jeep

Very fitting

It integrates very well with my car, I am very satisfied.

Poor logistics duration

It took half a month to receive the goods, really slow.

Great item

Yo, I love this chevy emblem lights, they make my ride look so cool at night!


The vehicle badge light is very bright and clear at night.

I think it’s a bit expensive, not worth it.