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How to Modify and Upgrade Chevy Cars

People always like to call Chevrolet Chevy, which is as intimate as calling a member of their family. Chevrolet’s bow tie logo was designed by company co-founder William Durant. Chevrolet originally used the handwritten “Chevrolet” as the brand logo, with the letters on either side of the hood. On October 2, 1913, Chevrolet Bow Tie logo debuted in an advertisement in the Washington Post. This logo symbolizes the generosity, style and demeanor of the Chevrolet brand, and also conveys the Chevrolet concept of “making a high-quality popular car”. In 2013, the Chevrolet bow tie logo ushered in a hundred years of birthday, the latest gold bow tie logo with chrome frame. Over the past 100 years, more than 230 million Chevrolet cars, SUVs or trucks have worn the bow tie emblem, which has become synonymous with the American spirit of innovation. Chevrolet is very popular all over the world. As Chevrolet owners, can we try to update the exterior and interior of our car? There are many aspects of car transformation, such as power, handling, appearance, audio and video, etc. Generally, the upgrade power starts with the exhaust pipe, and the order is the tail section, the middle tail section, and the whole section. Generally, if the whole section is changed, it needs to be upgraded together with the computer program. Of course, there is also an upgrade of the sports three-way catalysis. Then there is the air intake system, which can be replaced with a “mushroom head” with a larger air intake. Among the accessories of major manufacturers, there will also be special air intake guide accessories for special cars. Then add or replace the intercooler, add oil cooler, pressure relief valve, etc. These are all simple upgrades. If there are higher requirements, you can replace the turbine, expand the cylinder, etc. In terms of handling, from the simplest addition of reinforcements, to upgrading stabilizer bars, wheels, and tires, to replacing shock absorbers, brakes, and rear spoilers, etc. In terms of appearance, all kinds of car sticker are of course the most common, and there are also color changes for the whole car. The interior has modified leather seats, modified instrument panel and so on. Audio and video is to upgrade the DVD navigation, and then to upgrade the audio, add power amplifier, add subwoofer, do modeling, lighting and so on. You can even add batteries and upgrade the generator system. Of course, there are many upgrades not mentioned, such as the lights. The upgrade of the headlights also includes performance upgrades and exterior decoration upgrades. If you prefer all kinds of car decorative lights, you might as well take a look at the Chevrolet car light parts mentioned below. AoonuAuto’s latest product – LED car emblem light. It is used to replace the original car emblem, with the front and rear badges of the car. Car emblem lights are undoubtedly very eye-catching, especially at night. It lights up when the engine starts, and the bright emblem highlights its presence! It is impossible to ignore. I suggest that it can be matched with chassis lights, so that gorgeous lights can be laid all around the car. Participating in the auto show like this is definitely very cool! In addition, the Chevrolet logo lights are decorated with door puddle lights and door sill pedals. They both light up when the doors are opened, making them the perfect welcome light option. The small lighting parts in the interior can add coasters, aroma lamps and mobile phone holders! These small parts are not only decorative, but also very practical. For example, the mobile phone holder is an automatic telescopic arm, so you don’t have to work hard to load or remove the mobile phone. It is very simple to put the mobile phone on it, and it is very convenient to answer the phone while driving. The aromatherapy lamp is actually a car freshener, it can remove the peculiar smell in the car and freshen the air! Show off the Chevrolet logo on all sorts of details, why don’t we? oh! There is another one, the handle door bowl light, which seems to be hidden, but it is also ostentatious. Maybe you can go to AoonuAuto and have a look. This shop really has a lot of amazing car lighting parts.
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